About Me

Caron’s career history includes working in television for Sky Sports, where she worked behind the cameraman covering the Nokia FIS Snowboarding Championships. Today, Caron Westbrook is a passionate and professional photographer focusing on several areas of photography, including fashion and beauty, portraits, editorial and commercial shoots, and studio photography and location pictures.

When she isn’t taking photos or attending photo shoots, Caron’s passions include diving as an open water PADI diver. She also has a massive love of animals.

“Inspirational and thought provoking”

These are just some of the words used to describe the results Caron is able to produce through her love of photography. Many previous clients have spoken of her human touch and ability to get an astounding degree of clarity in every single picture she takes.

Self taught, Caron is praised for her ability to connect with each client to produce the best results in every single case. Stunning imagery and breathtaking results are the only outcome Caron accepts when she steps behind the camera to produce her next set of images. The detail pops out sharply in every single photo, regardless of whether Caron is managing a fashion shoot or out and about capturing images of animals, buildings or the natural world. In fact, a captivating attention to the smallest of details is the aspect that Caron’s photography is always remembered for, no matter the market she is working for.

Caron is a NUJ member and accredited press photographer.

Caron Westbrook 2014